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Über Mich

I finished my education as a midwife from UKSH academy in Kiel 2019.
Before worked as a marine researcher for 6 years.

It’s not always the straightest way that leads to happiness.

I worked at the University hospital (UKSH) in Kiel, in Imland Klinik Rendsburg and at the Protestant Hospital in Düsseldorf.
My most treasured experiences are the home births I was allowed to attend.

I am mum of two boys, one girl and have a wonderful husband. We speak three languages at home.
I am providing my assistance in English because I know how tough it can be as a non-German speaker.

I speak German (mother tongue), English (fluently) and Icelandic (basic knowledge). But I am willing to communicate in any other language using hands and feet.

Pre- and postnatal care

I provide prenatal care. There I will monitor your health and your future baby’s development at home. I do routine tests and checkups (blood, urine, blood pressure etc.) to help find and prevent possible problems.
I collaborate with your gynecologist if anything unusual comes up. All ultrasonic examinations will be done by your gynecologist.
During prenatal care we will get to know each other and I will guide you through your pregnancy and answer questions you have on your heart.
There are different options to do prenatal care.
You can do it just with me, just with your gynecologist or you can do it in a mixed model. It is your choice. All is covered by your health insurance.

Postnatal care. After your baby is born I will visit you on a daily base in the beginning to monitor your recovery and your newborn’s development. I will help you getting the family’s life started.


Birth and parenting classes
I offer birth and parenting classes. It is a weekend course. The topics are labor, birth, breastfeeding and taking care for a newborn baby. You can try some pain relieving excercises and birth positions. You will meet other parents-to-be.

Upcoming classes 2020:
14th & 15th March
21st & 22nd March
4th & 5th April
2nd & 3rd May
27th & 28th June

The course can be held simultaneously in both German and English.

The Health Insurance is usually covering the costs for the pregnant woman. The fees for partners are 80€/course.

I also offer private session in „Birth and parenting“. For further information contact me.

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